• The Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum, the largest insurance-reinsurance meeting in Azerbaijan, represented a major breakthrough for the development and improvement of the national insurance markets within the Region.
    The second edition of the Forum was organized by the Azerbaijan Insurers Association in partnership with Media XPRIMM and with the support of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan
    The event successfully brought together over 150 leaders and specialists of the profile market from Middle Asia, Caucasian Region, CEE, Turkey, Russia and CIS and has focused on the potential and the perspectives for the Azeri insurance market.
    The subjects approached during the conference were:
    • Trends and prospects of the local and international insurance markets
    • Azeri insurance market overview in the regional context
    • Development of mandatory motor insurance classes
    • Mandatory household insurance - a national solution in managing cat risks
    • Life, Bancassurance and personal insurance lines - new drivers of the market growth
    • Developing the life insurance segment on the emergent markets; Banks and relationships with insurance market
    • Compulsory personal insurance (PI) lines

    “From 2003 to 2010, the Azerbaijan’s GDP grew more than three times and the wages in the economy over four times, the GDP per capita reaching USD 10.000”, stated Samir SHARIFOV, Minister of Finances, Azerbaijan, in the opening of AIIF – Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum.
    AIIF also gave leaders and specialists from both local and international markets a great opportunity to gather, interact and openly speak about the development perspectives of their projects. The event also highlighted the potential and advantages of investing in the Middle East and Caucasian countries, while also sharing their experience in the field.
    Romeo JANTEA, Chairman of one of AIIF’s panels, also stated: “we must not wait for mentality changes, we must act now. The key of success lies within agent network development and a professional approach of the potential clients through which they understand the advantages that come with a life insurance”.


    On behalf of the Azerbaijan Insurance Association we would like to thank all participants for being deeply involved in the works of the conference and are looking forward to see you at the AIIF-2012!